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Award Winning Services

Paws in Paradise offers many services from doggy day care to training. We require for all dogs safety veterinary records showing up-to-date shot records including rabies, distemper, bordetella and heartworm medication. All dogs must get yearly fecal tests (negative). We also recommend that all pets be on a flea and tick program. Every dog must also wear a collar with identification tags at all times. Collar or harness required — NO pinch collars allowed in group play! If used on leash, must bring regulary collar for group play.

Police, Fire, Military: 10% (with proof of Active Service)
Senior Citizen Discount: 10%


Each dog while staying at Paws in Paradise will receive a suite with fresh bowls at every meal, clean bedding, treats, and individual T.L.C.

Paws Suites

One (1) Dog Two (2) Dogs Three (3) Dogs Four (4) Dogs
$42.00 $70.00 $98.00 $126.00

For Stays 30 days or Longer

One (1) Dog Two (2) Dogs Three (3) Dogs Four (4) Dogs
$36.00 $59.00 $89.00 $119.00

Food & Gourmet Treats

In-House Food In-House Bedtime Treat
+ $2.00/Day (Additional Charge to Boarding Charge per Day) $3.25/Night

Day Care

Enjoy the comfort of knowing your dog is not locked up all day, but instead your pup is enjoying their favorite TV show, playing with their friends, and getting plenty of exercise and nap time.
*Collar or harness required* NO PINCH COLLARS!

Half Day (5 Hours or Less)

One (1) Dog Two (2) Dogs Three (3) Dogs Four (4) Dogs
$19.00 $30.00 $46.00 $62.00

Full Day (5 to 12 Hours)

One (1) Dog Two (2) Dogs Three (3) Dogs Four (4) Dogs
$28.00 $46.00 $70.00 $94.00

Daycare Discounted Packages: Half Day Paws Passes

10 Passes (1 dog)
$180.00 / $18.00 per day

Daycare Discounted Packages: Full Day Paws Passes (1 dog)

5 Passes 10 Passes 20 Passes 30 Passes
$125.00 / $25.00 per day $240.00 / $24.00 per day $460.00 / $23.00 per day $660.00 / $22.00 per day

(2 Dogs) Daycare Discounted Packages: Full Day Paws Passes

5 Passes 10 Passes
$207.00 / $41.40 per day $384.00 / $38.40 per day

**All Paw Pass purchases are Final/Non-Refundable. Passes do not expire.

* $20 Tuesday & Saturday Full-Day Daycare

● $20 Tuesday & Saturday ●
● Subject to change during peak holiday/busy seasons ●


Save yourself an extra trip and have your dog groomed at The Dog Brow located on premises while they stay with us. You'll be greated by a clean, fresh dog ready to be taken home!

Bath Brush & Tidy De-Shed Treatment Complete Grooming Nail Trim Dremel
Call for Estimate Call for Estimate Request for Appointment Only $10.00 $15.00
Services Include: Services Include: Services Include: Services Include: Services Include:
Complete Bath, Brush Out, Nail Trim, and Ear Cleaning De-Shed formula shampoo, Full brush out removing the heavy undercoat resulting in 90% less shedding Complete Bath, Blow-Dry, Hair Cut, Nail Trim, and Ear Cleaning Complete Nail Trim Complete Nail Dremel

Hand Stripping: Call for a Consultation

Stylist/Owner of The Dog Brow: Danielle Fox-Burns

Shuttle Service

We understand it is hard to run everywhere when you are trying to get ready to go on Vacation or get back home. Pick-up and Delivery to and from Velvet Touch Free No Charge.

One Way Pick-Up One Way Drop-Off 0-8 Miles 9-20 Miles 20+ Miles
$25.00 $25.00 $28 Round Trip $35 Round Trip Call for Estimate

Special Note:
*Prices apply for up to two (2) Dogs, each additional dog is $5/dog
*Dogs must be dropped off at the Velvet Touch before 9:30am
*Regular boarding rates apply for pick up at The Velvet Touch


Did you get a new puppy or is it time to teach your old dog some new tricks? All puppies and dogs 10 weeks and up can benefit from this basic training course. These classes teach dog and owner the basics of control through positive reinforcement methods. No puppy/dog is too young or old to learn! Build the bond between dog and owner. Some control exercises covered are: heel (controlled walk), stay, come, down, and off leash walking. Issues that will be addressed are: chewing, barking, jumping, biting and housebreaking.

Personal Dog Trainer: Sue Folkerts

Animal Talent: Bill Casey

Currently no training classes are being offered. Check back often to see if new classes have been added.