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Daycare, Boarding, and Grooming!
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Can I take a tour of your facility?
Yes! We do offer tours at our facility by appointment. Please call 630-719-1840 to schedule an appointment for a tour. *Please note, no tours on Tuesdays!
Can I bring my dog along for the tour to see how he/she reacts to the facility?
We advise you not to bring your pet with you for the tour. Bringing a new dog around the facility will cause a lot of excitement for the dogs currently boarding with us. However, if you would like to see how your pet acts at the facility prior to scheduling a boarding visit, we do offer a free full day of daycare to all new guests.
Does my dog have to be spayed or neatured?
No. We accept all pets. However, your dog must be spayed or neutered if he/she is 6 months or over to be in group play. If he/she is over 6 months and is still intact, they will not be allowed in group play but will get individual play time.
What vaccines do we require?
The shots that we require are; bordetella, distemper, rabies and a negative fecal test. Copies of your dogs vaccinations can be obtained from your vet and emailed to our office.
Does someone supervise the play areas?
Yes. We have a Paws employee in the play areas at all times.
Do you take dogs that are aggressive/temperamental towards other dogs?
Yes. We allow aggressive/temperamental dogs to board. In order to avoid fights and assure safety for our employees and other guests, we give them their own individual playtime throughout the day.
How often are dogs taken outside to go to the bathroom?
We take the dogs outside every 2-2 1/2 hours for at least 15-20 minutes.
What to bring during a stay?
Food, treats, medication, blanket/t'shirt etc. *bedding is provided*
What happens if my dog runs out of food?
We have house food that we supply if we get the ok from the owner ahead of time or if the owner can be reached if this case occurs. If your dog has allergies or a special diet, we notify the owners and ask what they believe the best plan of action would be.
Do the dogs have access to water at all times?
Yes. Dogs have full water bowls in their suites all day and night, as well as large bowls of water in the play areas during playtime.
I have an older dog, and he/she gets tired easily. Can they have limited playtime?
Yes. We can absolutely give extra rest time for older dogs or dogs with past injuries that need more time to recoup.
What if my dog needs daily medication?
We administer medication of all kinds, including insulin shots, for no extra charge! We have a refrigerator for medication that requires to keep cold. We give medication at any time of the day, depending on dogs needs.
If there is an incident where my dog may have been hurt or gets sick, how is this handled?
When something like this happens we immediately contact the owner. We like to ask what the owner thinks would be the best action depending on the situation. We would prefer to take your dog to it's own vet.
How are dogs divided into groups?
We divide dogs into groups depending on their size, temperament, and energy level. Initially, we separate small and medium size dogs into one group, and larger dogs into another. There are special occasions when a dog gets along better with a certain size, so we will accommodate for those situations.
If more than one dog, can they stay in the same suite?
Yes. If you would like your dogs to sleep in the same suite we will set them up together. We would ask the question of whether or not they can eat in the same suite, and if the answer is "no", we will designate a separate feeding suite for one of the dogs.
How are the dogs disciplined in the play area?
We use water bottles when it comes to bad behavior in the play areas. It is a positive aversive and many professional dog trainers use this technique. If the dog is still acting up, we would give them a short "time-out" where they would be removed from the play area for a few minutes, and put back in their suite. Once the "time-out" is over, they will be taken back into the play area.
Do you accept last-minute reservations?
Always! The best way to get a last minute reservation filled is to call our front manager at 630-719-1840, that way we can be sure there is a suite available for your dog. Peak holidays and summer season suites are limited. We recommend you book ASAP; otherwise, we do offer other options.